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Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. “Custom-made”, “made to order”, “made to measure” and sometimes “hand-made” are near-synonyms, AND off-the-shelf”, and in clothing ready-to-wear, are the OPPOSITE.

The word bespoke is derived from the verb to bespeak, to “speak for something”, in the specialised meaning “to give order for it to be made”
We think we can build the best of breed guitar.  We have the bones to start, as you have no doubt read or heard our bodies and necks set a very high standard of excellence in what needs to be the basics of a great guitar.  Now we bring to this starting point, John and Rob with 42  years prep, sanding, painting and finishing experience  between and then to make it the ultimate player and  Mr. Paul Iverson will put this all together and set it up for you. Paul is perhaps the best there is and making a guitar great. When U2 was in Vancouver, here for a couple of weeks getting the stage show ready to go out on the road, Edge and Bono’s guitars made it into Paul’s hands to work on and make perfect. That’s the type of craftsman who’ll be building your guitar.

Years and years of sage, perfectionist experience go into making your bespoke-guitar.

This is what happens with Bespoke, truly a custom shop elite guitar make specially for you. Paul takes the raw wood guitar and puts all the components, all the screws, Pickups, tuners etc, on it, in the raw. Makes certain the neck is set perfectly and the guitar’s playability is high. Then all the components come off and over to the paint shop it goes. John and Rob, remember 42 years of sage, cool, experience finishing guitars, do their magic and make the guitar’s finish as good, if not better, than any custom shop offering.

Then back to Paul, for it’s re-assemble and set up.

Into it’s own case it goes and off to you… It’s a most awesome Christmas present for your birthday.. you know what I mean..:)

Because of the way we build these custom guitars the process can take up to 4 months, but, it shall be fully worth the wait.


Check this out, this is what those before you are saying about their Bespoke.

Hey Phil,

I got the two guitars yesterday, I have to say you continue to raise the bar!  The Goldtop is fantastic, love the selection of wood, it will make a great P90 screamer.  The Jazzy guitar, I’m speechless.  It turned out so well, from the feather-weight to the typical Precision quality fit and finish.  I hope to build it alongside the Mustache wonder and compare the two once completed and before I send it to its owner.  The color turned out perfect, thanks for working with me on that.



Thought I would send you a few pick of the fantastic work you and yours did for me…I do not have the tools nor the patience to complete a project like this but Precision Guitar Kits sure do…the work that the CNC shop, the Bespoke build crew and paint is first rate…if you want to have a custom guitar built for you, I can recommend this wholeheartedly…fill your cart and press the buy button…then sit back and wait for “Precision” to arrive!



So rather than have you go through  and pick the things you want  and put them into a cart, I’ll do it.

I found that with most of the bespoke guitars we’re  building that there was a  ton of back and forth first. ‘Cause after all we’re building something very personal and very desired and we want it not just good, but ‘fn awesome.

so.. put down what you’re after in the form below and I’ll get the pricing for you, plus I can make it more worth your while… you know..:)

Take some time and lets build something truly exceptional for you.

  • A 59 Carved Top to have and to hold, a 58 Double Cut, Single Dog Ear beauty to wake up the neighbours or a Sea Foam Green tele that you used to have in high school...before, marriage, kids and the dog...
  • Here we'll get an idea of the Pickups and set up that will be best for you. Old school rock and roll, demand beautiful PAF, un-potted and nickel. Harder rock, wind 'em till they howl perfectly
  • Plain colour or sensational PGK original burst. Gloss ,Satin, Gunstock Oil? We can do gloss on the top of the body, satin on the back and neck. Any variation.. well within reason.
  • Pickups, tuners, bridge, inlays, your own logo?
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