Customize Your Guitar

Welcome my friend to our custom guitar page.

I love what we’re doing and this is just so damn much fun. We’re building guitars that guys have thought about for years, some decades, and thought “if only, I was building guitars I’d……”

Well this is where you can “I’d…..

  • ax-f-11

    Custom Top Shaped Heel with a Fender Scale

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  • PH_AT-01_ Plain Maple Caps-1

    The Ulitmate Archtop | Customizer

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  • Double-Cut-Jr-2013- 780

    58 DCJr. Custom

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  • SCJr-Flame_Maple_Cap-2

    54 SC Jr. Custom

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  • 59 Carved Top Special Flame Maple Cap  3

    59 Carved Top Custom Guitars

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  • SG Guitar

    New SG JR Custom

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  • 59 Carved Top Double Cut, Mahogany Guitar Body and Rosewood Fretboard

    59 Double Cut Carved Top Custom

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  • Tele-Swamp-10

    Tele – Custom

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  • Strat Alder Rosewood 1

    S Style Custom

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  • Shaped Heel on our 59 Carved Top

    59 CT Shaped Heel and Belly Cut | Customizer

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