First Build Questions

This was an email conversation I had with one of our clients. He asked some great questions, ones that I am asked all the time. I thought this might be a good way to give you some insight into our guitar kits and what we’re up to.


From him:

Hello, this is my first build and your site appears to be just what I’m looking for, but I have a few questions first.

 1) Is it possible that I could order just the body, and still have my options (humbucker, flame maple etc.)?

2) Do your routs allow for other parts? (preferably Les Paul specified necks)

3) Do your routs allow pickup/wiring installation to begin as soon as the product arrives?

4) About how much does the body weigh? I prefer heavy bodies.

5) What kind of tone chamber do you offer? How does it affect the tone?

From me:

1. ) Yes you can order a body from us and have what ever options you would like, flame or quilt maple, humucker or p90, no holes drilled for pots or switches.

2.) I wouldn’t recommend it. Our necks and bodies go together differently than traditional carved top guitars. Some folks with pretty good woodworking skills can make them fit together, but for someone starting out on their first build, I think you would be wise not to do this. And plus, we know how to make them fit perfectly.

3.) Yes for sure, our kits are routed and ready to accept all of the hardware and wiring. There is nothing, other than finishing the guitar, that you would have to do.

4.) The chambered body weighs about 4.7lbs and the non-chambered 5.7lbs, approximately.

5.)We do teardrop chambers, leaving the neck line completely intact. On tone, tough question, but I will tell you this. We have a client who plays with a big stadium act where they still run hot marshall stacks on stage. “So you can feel the amp tug at your pants” he says. He says as far as chambering there is no tonal degradation at all. All his guitars are chambered “’cause they’re just better to play.”

 From him:

1. ) How would you compare the grade of your mahogany and eastern maple tonewood, compared to let’s say a Gibson Les Paul Standard grade tonewood?

2.) Do the necks come ready to be finished? Frets installed, finished, leveled etc. and fretboard attached, so all that is required is to finish the wood?  Do the necks come connected to the body?

3.)  Do the bodies and wiring systems take other pickups? (preferably Joe Bonamassa Seymour Duncans)

4) Do the bodies come thoroughly routed? So it will immediately take the tailpiece set, tuners and humbuckers/wiring and all?

5.) I have never bought from you, can you send me a copy of a transaction that someone else has recently done?

From me:

1.) Our tonewoods are a step above what would be considered standard by any builder, large or small. I am not being evasive but I am not exactly sure of the tonewood they use. What we know for sure is that we get wood with exceptional qualities and our builders are quite taken with the tone they are getting. That is one of the first things we are told by our customers, that the tonewood they get from us is really quite exceptional.

2) Yes, our body and necks are sanded to 320 grit, so that is acceptable for a finish. Some builders would want to sand it a bit more. I would always run over myself, because it’s good to get to know your guitar.

Yes, the fretboard is attached and the frets are finished to near pro. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the frets are done.

No, the body and necks are separate. But to alleviate any of your concerns, because of the way we build our kits there is no need for shimming or adjusting, The neck and body fit is tight and the guitar’s geometry is spot on. There are a number of videos on YouTube about gluing or on some of the forums like the Gearpage of Forum.

3.) Yes, our 59 is routed for a standard humbucker. Very few don’t fit, but SD are a good fit.

4. ) Yes, they are ready for tuners and the studs for the tailpiece and bridge.

5. ) We don’t share details of our clients’ transactions. We keep everyone’s information private, always.

Rest assured, we use a secured site, SSL, and Beanstream for our store software and we take only credit cards and PayPal so we offer the highest degree of transaction security.

Also, here is one of our customer reviews…Hope this gives you some comfort.

From him:

What glue should I use?

From me:

I use this…