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“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up some place else.”

Yogi Berra

Will-Double-CutWe got together with Will Kelly,  the monthly repair columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine to put together a series of that’ll show you all the tips and tricks a real pro uses to make a guitar not only look exceptional but be your goto player.

We want to make this a fantastic, easy to follow, easy to understand place to learn, grow your guitar/luthier skill sets and participate in the sharing of what you’ve learned.

Guitar U is now open. Take a look through the videos on your left…and be amazing!





Will Kelly is the monthly Repair columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine. He owns and operates the “Hard Knocks Guitar Shop” in Cary,N.C. and is the author of “How to Build Electric Guitars” from Voyageur Press. He has collected, repaired, bought & sold Vintage instruments and amplifiers for over 35 years.

Will is an expert Vintage instrument and amplifier appraiser and repairman, as well as building his own custom line of electric guitars, owned & played by such artists as John Oates, Rick Vito, Greg Martin & Doug Phelps of the Kentucky Headhunters, Johnny Hiland, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Robbie Calvo and many others. So each guitar that comes out of Will’s shop is a “one of a kind” custom built masterpiece, constructed completely from start to finish with the client’s exact desires in mind. Neck profiles, custom electronics, finishes, woods and body styles all are totally up to the customer’s vision. Will is an accomplished guitarist and producer, as well as a singer/songwriter. The music soundtracks for the Precision Finish video series were composed, performed and recorded by Will at his home studio in North Carolina. Will is married to his wife Ellen and they have two cats, Gracie & Fergie.”