Imagine Doing More Guitars, Easily, and Right Every Time…

…more guitars, consistently excellent.


As you know, the problem is time. The neck and body work—that’s the time-consumer. But it is has to be done right, so you spend the time doing it right.

This is where OEM comes in. Get your neck and bodies done way quicker and with consistently excellent results, letting you do what you do best.

Maybe you have an idea on a napkin, and wonder how to turn it into something in your hands. FAST OEM can do that too.

8 thoughts on “OEM

  1. Do you build full guitars or just the neck and bodies?

  2. Would it be possible to substitute the maple cap on the 59 customizer with a mahogany cap? I am trying to build a guitar that needs a mahogany cap instead of maple. Thanks!

  3. Paul,

    Found this unanswered in our comment box. Yes,we are just starting to build a line of our own guitars.

    What did you have in mind?

  4. Hi Nathan,

    Just found your comment unanswered. Yes, we can do a mahogany cap.

    Hope that helps.


  5. Hi Phil, just wondering what the chances are of you guys being able to build a kit for a neck through firebird?

    I’d love to build one of those if given the chance.

    Thanks and have a great and safe 2013,


  6. do you think you guys could do a double neck sg style kit?

  7. I always fancied a double cut LP junior in swamp ash – can you do this?

  8. Hey Phil, can you guys build a semi-hollow?

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