Lay Away Plan

Happy Wife, Happy Life

A simple idea, really..:)

Every week I get a couple of emails from folks saying that they’re saving up for their next build. More often than not, they’ll add that they’re trying to put a bit of money away each month, so they won’t have to explain to “the one who shall be obeyed”, yet again, why it is that they need more than one guitar.

One of our guys asked me if I could set up a program so the he could send us a bit of cash towards a guitar each month. I thought it was a great idea!

So here is the “Happy Wife, Happy Life Lay Away Program.” When you have a bit of extra cash, just buy a LAYAWAY CERTIFICATE and then when you’re ready to pull the trigger its all in one place and accounted for.

Now if you find you need the money back.. no worries, I’ll send it back right away. Just a little way to help out

And… if for whatever reason your circumstances change and you don’t wanna go ahead, we’ll gladly give you back the money.

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