59 Double Cut Carved Top Custom


Make your guitar, exactly the way you would like it. We love to do custom builds, put our care and attention in to build a fine, fine guitar.

After all when you go this route you’re looking for something  exceptional, something special , something that is yours! We use the best of the best for our custom builds and our guys follow your guitar from start to finish. It truly is custom built guitar specially for you.

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Body Style

Double Cut Carved Top

Maple Cap

We’re all about wood and flame or quilted are crazy beautiful on our guitars. We have great figured wood in stock from just exceptionally rich and dynamic presentation grade quilted maple to a nice subtle eastern flame.  They make the guitars pop visually. We’re always on the look out for exceptional wood and grab it when we come across it.

Pick Up Rout

Make your choice – Humbucker or  Soap Bar P90

Bridge and Tail Piece

We use the large stud holes for our bridge and tail piece.

We also offer the TOM Bridge with the 1/8″ holes. This is the old school way of doing it.

Floyd Rose option… this is more expensive because this is actually a different guitar. In order to make the guitar work we have to alter the neck angle and the body/neck join. Does make for a fine, fine guitar though.

Fret Board Inlays

We use a celluloid MOP style of fret markers. We have been putting the gold ish type on the Pao Ferro ( Bolivian Rosewood ) Fretboard and the whiter type on the ebony.


Traditional Cream binding finishes the guitar nicely for sure. We do have white available too. You can choose to do just the neck or the body and neck, the whole guitar.

We do have a seven ply installed option now.

Neck Profiles

All our necks are quartersawn ONE piece necks.

60’s – slim and fast 1st Fret –  .8″ / 12th fret .885 ”
59 – a big more girth – 1st Fret –  .877″ / 12th fret.976″
JR – baseball cut – 1st Fret  –  .955″ / 12th fret  1.125″

1 11/16th Nut Width


We have our tribute headstock but we also can get you a paddle headstock for your own interpretation of what headstock should look like. This paddle headstock is 6.7″ long, it is too short to be an exact replica of any other guitar. Just sayin’

We call our standard headstock PGK, just stands for Precision Guitar Kits

Special Requests

If you dont see something you want here, please shoot me an email ( see the link below )  and we do our best to get it for you.