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This is the best of the best process, Paul Iverson, perhaps the best set up man in the business, takes the all the raw components, the body and the neck, the tuners, the bridge, the pickups, and puts the guitar together in the raw, before any finishing begins. The is best practices for a guitar of this stature. it makes absolutely certain that the guitar parts fit and function as they should. It gives Paul a great deal of insight into how the guitar looks and feels, allowing for tweaking as the build goes along.

Then it is taken apart and the neck and body are given to John for his part of the process. This is meticulous at its best, pore fillers, sanding sealer, stain, colour, whatever are all taken step by step through with John. Then when its harden, cured sufficiently he’ll do his magic with the buffing wheel.. None of this is simple, none of this is for beginners. To make a guitar truly remarkable these steps have to be done by a master’s hand…

and so be it..

Once John is done, the guitar, glued and buffed and brilliant is given back to Paul for its build and then again as master craftsman goes to work setting it up.

We’ll put your beauty into a hard shell case and ship it to you…

Now you can have this done as part of our Bespoke or we can just set it up for you and have you do the final assemble. Either way it takes the guitar to another level.

If you’re interested in our Bespoke Guitar Service  – Check it out here..

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