Your Own Custom Headstock Logo


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Make it your own…. for absolutely certain. Put your name on it as a pro would and damn proud of the work you’ve done.

This is kinda of a very cool thing to get your logo on  cost effectively. These are cut fine and meant to be under the clear.  Being under a full buffed high gloss clear on the headstock gives them a really neat 3D or depth effect.

This is for a set of 10 decals for $95.00, including design.

You can pick Chrome, Gold, Black or White

Take a look at these logos I’ve just done. The main one is a chrome vinyl under a clear coat on an ebony veneer. It really looks good.

The other two are ones I have just done, one is chrome, one is gold. These are taken on an old leather book so they are not under clear. I wanted to show the level of detail we can get with these.. Very cool, they are..