Custom Top Shaped Heel with a Fender Scale


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This is for those who want more.

My beautiful shaped heel with a belly cut is now something even more special.  This has the longer 25.5″ scale fit perfectly to the body. Great balance and playability made from our stock of excellent tone woods.

What does the longer scale do for you, you ask.

Well.. it allows you to drop tune, easier, the guitar tends to stay in tune much better and the best thing is that the tone becomes different, not necessarily better nor worse but just dulcet and different. It’s a neat cross between a strat with hum buckers and the carved top.

This is an awesome addition to your tonal arsenal.

and for you guys who are making a little business out of selling guitars, this is one that will truly set you apart. Not only is is cool as hell, but damn does it play well.