54 SC Jr. Custom


Here is where you can make the perfect junior style guitar.

If you don’t see what you have in mind on the list below, email me and I will add it for you.

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Make a single cut set neck guitar that really stands out. We’ve made some absolutely amazing guitars for players. This has always been a go to rock & roll machine. A simple guitar made from dense tone woods that produced just an immense sound.

Custom Build Process

Take a run through all of the options and construct the guitar you want. Once you place the order I’ll send you a build sheet and we’ll check to make sure that we’re building the guitar you want. So don’t fret because we can make changes, the options you pick here are not written in stone.

Custom Builds are generally 4-6 weeks.

Body Type

We offer thes them with chambers, different styles of caps, different neck sizes.. and if you don’t see what you’d like just email me and we’ll see if we can’t make it for you.

Fret Board Inlays

We use a celluloid MOP style of fret markers.


Binding can finish a guitar nicely. We offer cream, white, black and 7ply on the body.

You can do just the body, just the neck or both. We’d match it up for you.

Fret Wire

All of our kits come standard with the Jescar Medium Jumbo. Here’s an idea of the sizing.

  # Material Crown Width Crown Height Tang Width
Jescar 45100 18% NS 0.1 0.045 0.022
Jescar 57110 18% NS 0.11 0.057 0.2

Stainless steel wreak havoc on our tools, they’re like the Tasmanian Devil to work with.. They have to worked with very expensive diamond tools, so that’s why they cost a lot more.

Neck Profiles

All our necks are quartersawn ONE piece necks. This makes for the most stable of necks. We also put an angle in the tenon and an angle in the HS. The combination makes the geometry awesome.

60’s – slim and fast 1st Fret –  .8″ / 12th fret .885 ”
59 – A big more girth – 1st Fret –  .877″ / 12th fret.976″
JR – Baseball cut – 1st Fret  –  .955″ / 12th fret  1.125″

1 11/16th Nut Width

I am offering a custom profile, this is for just the back, not the headstock. You’ll have to get me the dimensions


We have our tribute headstock but we also can get you a paddle headstock for your own interpretation of what headstock should look like. This paddle headstock is 6.7″ long and 3.5″ wide, it is too short and too thin to be an exact replica of any other guitar. Just sayin’

We call our standard headstock PGK, just stands for Precision Guitar Kits. ( I kept getting asked that in emails 🙂 )

Special Requests

If you dont see something you want here, please shoot me an email ( see the link below )  and we do our best to get it for you.

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