NickelBack Pack Jack..For the 59’s

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Here’s my assembly for the carved tops, it’s what I use when I build my guitars.  This is all nickel, has to be nickel to be right. I tend to use products that are at the top of the line in quality in terms of performance and finishing. It’s makes the process of building your own guitar satisfying because you know you’re using parts that fit, parts that have been tested and deemed excellent.  At the end of the build you have a guitar where all works better than the rest. A no apology guitar.

Here’s what you get:

  • Gotoh Tuner $59
  • Gotoh Bridge Set $67
  • Bumble Bee Wiring Kit $89
    • CTS Pots
    • Switchcraft Toggle
    • Braided Shielded Crazy good looking wire
  • CookSonic PAF pups made specifically this guitar $179
  • Control Covers $ 49

Total Before your discount….$443

Discount 15%