MojoTone P90 Soapbar Set | Cream Covers


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Just the most classic sound. Like everything else Mojotone does, this P90 set, is hand built and comes up with the best tone and the best price. No compromise.


Mojotone Classic P-90 guitar pickups are extremely well balanced with a tight and round tone. These come stock with Alnico 5 magnets for the bridge pickup and Alnico 4 for the neck pickup, and vintage spec plain enamel wire.

For a super versatile P-90 that cleans up nicely and overdrives smoothly, the Classic P-90’s are the right choice. The bridge pickup was modeled after a killer sounding 1960 Les Paul Jr pickup! They still have a lower output without being overly bright or thin sounding, especially when using gain. The bridge pickup is RWRP to allow for hum-canceling between the two. Vacuum potted coils.