Phil’s Gold Top

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Selling some of my own guitars.

This was a guitar I build a while back, along with a few others for some touring acts. 

This one has a blemish in the beautiful gold top.. just a little but enough that I won’t sell it as A grade. 

It has been played in the studio here for a bit but no outside the smooth walls of the studio. 

It’s got my logo and name, which I like a lot.

Top notch gear on it.. TonePros Kluson styled tuners, TonePros Bridge Set up, custom built and set up by our luthier shop. 

It has the old school crescent bronze in a nitro lacquer, the same way it was done way back in the 50’s. 

This is chambered with a 59 neck. 

I am knocking a lot off the price ’cause to the little blemish.