Ready To Drop In Pro Set Up Wiring Kit -Now with 300k pots


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This is as pro as it gets – Paul Iverson Pre-Wired Kit.

Love making very cool, correct gear for your guitar. This wont make your guitar better it’ll make it ‘fn excellent…

Paul has done work with Bryan Adams, the Edge, Dave Gilmour, players like that. Here he has put together for us an “Pro” wiring kit.

Now we’ve made this very very special. Ran across some 300k NOS Gibson pots. Give it that real old school tone.

Two RS caps, .15 for the neck, ( takes a bit of the bass out ) .22 bridge. Both rated a 100 volts, this is better for a guitar, for the tone we’re all after. RS is a top notch made in the USA cap

Paul’s wiring kit has a “buss bar” soldered to hold it all tight in place and ground it.

We’ve taken the braided wired and cut to to the right length for the kit, tinned the wire ( that is adding solder to the spots that you’ll be soldering to ) and attached the wire to the switch.

The braided wire coming off the switch is buss wire wrapped and soldered to make it stay put, way less strain on the connection itself. This also has the deep set nut on the switch and two nuts for each pot, so you can get the perfect height for the controls. Just adding the little things that will make your guitar exceptional.

The kit comes on its own black hardboard.

Add some great work from a seasoned pro to your guitar.

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