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This is a set that gets the vintage sound out of our guitar.  It is a very good set to make the guitar reminiscent of those old old guitars.  Run it through a Marshall stack and you’ll be famous.. just cause…

These are awesome true tone PUPs that work so well on our 59 Carved Tops and the Ultimate Archtop. 

Here is from Seymour’s site.

Designed jointly by Seymour and humbucker inventor, the late Seth Lover. Just like the original 1955 P.A.F.s, the SH-55 utilizes a nickel silver cover and long-legged nickel silver bottom plate, butyrate plastic bobbins, plain enamel wire, Alnico 2 bar, wooden spacer, and black paper tape. To be completely true to the original design and tone, the pickup is not wax potted. The tone is vintage P.A.F. The unpotted cover gives a slightly “honky” microphonic quality. Vintage style single conductor cable standard.

complete setup
Mostly commonly used in a neck and bridge set. Can be used in the neck with an SH-11 Custom Custom for heavier rock sounds from the bridge position.

For brighter toned instruments. Works especially well with maple and ebony fingerboards. Not recommended for use with ultra high gain tube amplifiers over 50 watts.

I thought this would be of interest to you too, a bit of history.. click here


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