The Best Old School PAF there is..59 Carved Top Mates


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After all these years of hearing and experimenting with pickups for our guitars…we’ve gone and made our own.  This is made here in Vancouver. Old hand winding tool, so a bit of that cool ole tone.

Now these are built specifically for the 59 Carved Top. Taking all we have learned about both our guitars and the pickups we’ve put in them over the years. I wanted to make them my way, here in Vancouver. These are un-potted, handmade, wound with a little variation,

And our Cook Sonic Logo in the nickel. Nice touch..:) For the covered PAF style, the bridge and neck are both wound the same, just like they were back in the day, with an average of 7.2k.

  • 42awg magnet wire
  • offset coils
  • Alnico 5 magnet
  • Steel braided leads
  • 7.2k +/- 5%