Vintage Inspired Lovers…PAF Purity Reborn

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Okay so…. this is what PGK is going to be all about, getting unique very special stuff for our awesome customers. This is the first of many. 

One of our most favourite builders, meticulous and talented, imagined a tone and with that in mind figured out how to get it. In making the PAF pickups, he’s incorporating all the things that he loves and leaves out all the things he don’t. The company is Vintage Inspired Pickups…

Here before you are his amazing, I mean amazing, pure tone PAF’s

“The LOVERS are our rendition of our favorite PAF sound ever recorded: The sound of a Les Paul into a cranked Marshall combo, played by the God of all Bluesbreakers himself.

 Never have we spent that much time on Research & Development, trial and error before. But finally, all the work paid off and we found the humbucker set we were hoping for. No need for ten different variations of one thing – the LOVERS are our PAF inspired pickups. In dedication, the LOVERS are named Sara-Bucker (my wife’s middle name) and Buddy-Bucker (my childhood nickname) – real life lovers.

 Each individual piece in the LOVERS set has been optimized for material and performance. Some of the components are custom made just for us. The coils are wound with US-made 42 AWG plain enamel wire and mismatched for both pickups.

Our unique cryo-tuning process (pat. pending) distinguishes us from all other pickup winders. It allows us to put relatively low winds on the bobbins, reducing the resistance without compromising on overall output of the pickup. Even better, the treatment results in a more transparent and dynamic sound than many other contemporary PAF models – more akin to a great set of vintage PAF humbuckers.

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