TonePros Standard Vintage Aluminum Wraparound | Nickel


Wraparound Bridge& Tailpiece Combo – Old time look with a  new time tech, the perfect combination.

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A true to “50′s Vintage” style lightweight Wraparound Bridge Set with TonePros Matching Locking Studs. Locking Feature eliminates “Bridge Lean” for optimum performance, and the Tail is engineered specially with “INVISI-Fulcrum” which allows strings to fulcrum on the bridge cleanly for exceptional intonation and increased harmonic overtones. Aluminum construction provides an extra resonant quality and the TonePros patented locking feature adds significantly improved sustain and tuning stability.

A tone diamond in the rough, the TonePros vintage Aluminum Wraparound gives everything a true tone connoisseur would ever want. With the TonePros “Invisi-fulcrum”, this wraparound has a true fulcrum point that is literally invisible to the eye, but intonates vintage style wraparound guitars like never before. And with aluminum, the correct vintage material that wraparounds were made of in the 50s, this wraparound gives the brightest tone available to tune-o-matic guitars. A must have for the vintage tone enthusiast who wants as much beautiful tone as he can possibly get, while still keeping his guitar in tune.

  • Thread: 5/16 – 24 US Thread
  • Stud to Stud Spacing: 3.22 inches/ 82mm
  • Saddle Notch: None
  • Bridge Material: Light Weight (Featherweight) High-Grade Vintage Spec Aluminum
  • Stud Material: Brass
  • Stud Cap Size:
  • Radius: 10.5 inch
  • String Spread: Approx. 10.4mm