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Got back into town and a package from you was a’waitin’ a day after my 65th birthday…..

Precision Guitars is an excellent name because you guys do VERY precise work…AWESOME.

GOT THE NECK GLUED ON TODAY AND WILL LET IT SET OVER NIGHT. TELL EVERYONE THERE THAT I AM VERY SATISFIED…..and am so happy to do business with people with not only excellent work ethic but awesome craftsmanship too. I will document what I do as an old man and stay in touch until it is finished.

Once again AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Richard In Leadville

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.

— Soren Kierkegaard

Now that she is up and running she sounds fantastic – I am keeping her for slide work almost exclusively and she doffs her hat to Doyle Bramall II’s ’58 Jnr. The truss rod cover says ”’58 Jnr” and my initials in chrome.

Thanks again for a great piece of work – the quality and neck fit were superb.

— Dave W., United Kingdom

Awesome awesome awesome, I can’t stress it enough! AWESOME!!

— Nick, USA

I am so over the moon and impressed by the quality of the guitar body and neck. It’s going to be my pride and joy and going to be lovingly put together and then played and played until I hand it down to my son and I hope he sees it for what an amazing guitar it is.

Thank you for making a dream I’ve had since those teenage years come true.”

— Gavin, New Zealand

I just completed my ’59 Jr. kit, thought I would share!
Thanks for a quality kit, the neck/body joint is really a great fit, very tight and snug and the fretting job is outstanding, I do fretting myself and
was prepared to refret it just in case, but man this really is nice work!
The project turned out great and the guitar sounds killer! Alive and resonant as they say, I guess it applies here… The Wolfetone pickup sure helps 😉

I have to find some time to engage a thread about this build on MLP and LPF, you really deserve some promotion (not that you need it obviously…) and praise
for quality products at an affordable price. Some of my friends here in France are already interested and I do want a SG now ! Talk to you soon…

— Yann, France

The guitar kit arrived today, and so far it looks fantastic. I own a precision CNC machine shop that does medical parts so I can really appreciate the fine work.

— Steve

I’m a first time client and so far sooooo good!!!

I just received my package containing an LP jr. DC/single pup and all the accessories….bridge,pup, tuners and pick guard. You even through in some CTS pots and a jack with shielded wire. Thanks! WOW and some chocolate (very good btw)

I’m very impressed with the quality of the guitar and great quality parts. The neck is superb, very nice fret work. I’m not sure what to say, I really got what I paid for!!!
I build guitars as a hobby, and have made and sold a few. I usually make my own bodies and buy the necks. I will definitely be back for more and can’t wait!!

I need a special T, a carved top……

Thank you so much for the great attention and service,

— Rob

Wow, excelent craftsmanship!!! Thank you so much!!
It looks awesome, that is the darkest Rosewood board?? Allmost Ebony…….
I was going to dye it, but that won’t be necessary now.
It is going to be natural back and sides with a Mary Kay top, tinted amber lacquer to age it a little.
I don’t want it to be to White.
Bought a Schroeder Guitars,Contour Stoptail bridge, Waverly Tuning machines, and a Lollar p-90 for it so far.
Can’t wait to get started, Thanks again, Neal

— Neal

In the end the build is way above and beyond what I hoped it would be , it’s magic from the first note . I have never experienced anything like it . I’ve been so thrilled with this and words cannot not fully describe how amazing this whole thing has been and the joy and lasting thoughts & memories that have went into .Thank you again Phil and everyone at PGK for giving us these wonderful kits in which to build on and play our music. All the best

— Scott H

Wanted to say thanks for the kit. It is going to be phenomenal I am sure. The one piece body and quality of the aaaa flame is unbelievable. The neck as see is just a thing of beauty. I will photograph the build and send along pics when completed. Wish me luck on my burst….. I’ve never done this before.

— Michael S

I just picked up my Thin-line Telecaster…wow…amazing…beautiful…I really
didn’t think it would be this damn pretty, this is wow to the max. I’ve been looking
at it for 30 minutes…I can’t believe this. I hope I don’t up…lol. Thank you
very much…you guys do a fantastic work.

— Gilles

Hey hey Phil

Received the thinline on Monday – wow, totally worth the wait. I appreciate you redoing the body, it came out fantastically. I’ll be starting work on it in a week or so, should be done by end of July. I’ll send pics and some sound clips, I think you’ll like what I’ll be doing to it.

Couldn’t be happier with the guitar. Damn nice job on the frets as well – that was a surprise.

More to come

— Greg

The neck and fret work is the best I’ve seen.

— Thanks Scott.

Hey Phil,
Got my guitar on Monday. That thing is F*&KNG AWESOME!! I’ve been a cabinet maker for 25 years and your craftsmanship is second to none my friend! I am going to order some of the guts from you but I need to know if you set up your wiring kits with pull up and down switches? I have vintage Bill Lawrence pickups that are single coil and humbuckers, also has a filter.
I am fairly new to the guitar world so my lingo may be off!
Also along with cabinet making I am a finisher as well, for just as long, so I’m hoping for a mean, mean finish!



Received my SG jr body/neck yesterday. Great packing, and both made the trip in excellent shape. Almost missed the truss rod wrench taped to the bottom of the box: glad you used the bright green tape! Very impressed with the quality and workmanship. FYI, I’ll be detailing the build as I go on my new blog:

— Dan O’Grady

Customer sent me some pics, this is part of the dialogue.

Precision Guitar Kits:

My gosh my friend.. that is just beautiful. Are you enjoying playing it?

Our Great Customer:

Only put it down when I sleep, drive, hold my loved ones or shower. So much thanks to you. Can’t wait to start the next one.

— Rob


The ’59 Lefty Limba finally made a public appearance and your wood quality and workmanship had rave reviews. This is an awesome guitar. “Precision” is the right name for your company everything went together so precise, making the guitar playable immediately, with some adjustments. Precision Guitar Kits is now being promoted in both California and New York. Thanks again for a great product and awesome service.This is now the best guitar I own!

— Eddie W

You Made a Grown Man Tear Up
WOW – other then that , I have no words .
I did a dry fit on neck and now all I can do is just sit back and look at this guitar

I placed this order – 100% – on what others have said on web , man they were not kidding .

THANK YOU GUYS for making my dream guitar come to life

— Michael E

Hi Phil,
I received my double cut with truly sinful curves last week and it’s beautiful! Mine is a plain top, but you’ve chosen a really nice piece of maple-it’s going to look great when it’s finished.

I know you get this a lot, but I believe in giving praise when it’s due and in Precision’s case it’s due. Everything I’ve read about your product is true-in spades! Exceptional quality!

— William H

Hey Phil, I received painted lady on Friday in great shape. Thanks for the great packing job!!! As soon as I opened it and got my first look my jaw dropped!!! The fit and finish was second to none!! The burst was just as I expected, the 2 piece back was so well matched it looked like one piece!! The neck and finger board were perfect and the thickness of the neck was just right for my big hands!! I took it to my go to man at Frets and he could also not believe the quality [as well as the other 15 people in his shop at the time] and he’s been been setting up and repairing guitars for over 20 years!!! Your shop got a lot of great praise that day!!! I can’t force myself to put a pick guard on that awesome top!!!! It will be finished in about 3 weeks do to how busy he is at Frets but as soon as I get it I will send pics. I can’t thank you enough for such a great guitar and I will be back for more.

Thanks Phil

— Billy S

I received my 59 Junior today at 1PM, and had it playing by 3:30 PM! I ordered an assembled and painted guitar, and I was concerned that the intonation would be off, what with no way to adjust it, but it was perfect, low action and stays in tune. I put a mid 60’s Gibson P-90 in it and it plays ans sounds just like a 59 Junior I had 25 years ago that I regretfully sold to a pawn shop. Thank you so much, and if I don’t order another guitar from you, I will recommend to anyone with a little guitar building ability to get one from you. Thank you so much,

— Lee

Dear Precision Guitar Kits,

Just wanted to quickly let you know that I received my African Mahogany LP Jr. DC with black limba ’59 neck yesterday and I am beyond pleased. This really exceeded my very high expectations and I was delighted to find the neck exceptionally comfortable. Now to begin my first kit build! I’ll send you pictures when I’m done.

— Jonathan H

Dear Phil,
I want to thank you and everyone at Precision Guitar Kits for providing an outstanding product. I recently completed my first build with you Ugly Betty 59 kit. It looks fabulous, feels superb and the tone is full and rich. It sounds better than all my other guitars. I’ve owned many and now own three others and this guitar is better. All my expectations have been exceeded with your kit. Thank You So Much!

— William V

Amigo Phil.

I received the shipment yesterday. I don’t have words to describe the absolute beauty and perfection of these guitars. The bridge is just so perfect, that I doing a build around it. In my Fine Arts business there is a saying to cut through the art bullshit, and that is that “quality has an undeniable visible truth” and that is all I see in your products.

Thank you so much for the integrity of your work. I’m still speechless.


— juan

Hi again Mr Phil.
Got my kit in yesterday , well packaged and it exceeded my expectations. I knew y’all made very well made kits , every review I’ve seen said so, but to see it in person left me in amazement . I began working on it as soon as I had it out the box. I can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to finish it up and buy another one ….. I’ll never buy a guitar from anywhere else again . I absolutely am amazed at the quality and fit . Take care and I will definitely be back for another . I’ll send some pictures of the finished product along with a review once I get it complete .
Thank you,….

— Clayton



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  2. I received my double cut Jr. in the mail yesterday.It was everything I expected and then some.The quality of craftsmanship is exceptional.Looking forward to completing it.Thanks again for a GREAT product!
    Tom Moss

  3. Phil, 1 bound and flamed, 1 59 custom Quilt and a 58V- 3 guitars that are all awesome.Quality at an excellent price…built to whatever your heart desires and I still want 1 more…What a great company that uses no excuses and delivers every time. I can’t say enough and that after all my research I found Precision at an excellent price.Keep on making these guitars as long as you can.Thanks again…..Frank

  4. Phil,
    Every time I go on your site there is something new. Haven’t finished third guitar and ordered up another. Stop making such awesome stuff it’s addicting. Can’t wait to see what you come up with this time. Keep up the good work.
    Don Winfield

  5. I’m liking you my friend. This is just a wonderful business, making guitar for great guys like you.
    Thanks again, Don!

  6. I have so far built 2 Precision guitars. Both have been milled very “precisely” and assembled easily with NO HICCUPS.

    Phil will talk on the phone and is VERY helpful.

    Now, quite frankl, Phil’s guitars are so far superior to any product that it is just silly. And I own 2 other guitars and the neck angle is way better and so is the neck joint deeper. Phil’s instruments are simply superior.

    These are NOT ordinary guitar kits. They are elite guitars at less than 30% the price tag.

    🙂 Chris from Australia

  7. I received the lefty double cut 59Jr today.
    It is so much better than I expected, superb quality.
    I ordered an ebony headstock overlay and it is already perfectly assembled on the headstock, my ask for a symmetric headstock was also acknowledged.
    The fretwork and neck are perfect.
    I did a dry neck fit and it looks awsome.
    I live in Holland, but the delivery time was very fast.Once sent (on friday) it took one weekend before it arrived at my doorstep on monday!
    The only setback was I had to pay import charges (around 100 EURO, over 100 Dollars).
    But what the heck, now i can start building!

  8. This company is magic. No joke. To hell with Disney land, take me to Precision Guitar Kits land. The craftsmanship and detail to the 58′ Double Cut jr. I snagged on clearance was impeccable. No need to touch up the frets. Even with the bad job I did on the guitar nut, the guitar still sings. The woods are beautiful. The body in particular has figuring all over it. Not highly defined unless you see it in the right light, but figured all over. Choice selection of wood. So much so, that leaving it natural seemed the only course of action to go for the finish. Tru-Oil really brought the African mahogany to life. I never even knew the joys of fat guitar necks before picking up this sweet instrument. I believe it is referred to as a, ‘baseball bat’, neck.

    The caliber of this guitar that I snagged is so significant, it compels me to procure a custom order SG, cost be damned.

    Anyone thinking about getting a Precision guitar kits axe, over a Gibson, is right to do so. This company took the time to listen, take modern ideas and put them into action. Better head stock angle, neck angle, and neck tenon fitment design. (Maybe they could add a volute to the Jr.’s ?)

    Just do a fair amount of sanding, add some stain (if you paint the woods this company provides, you’re doing a serious disservice to the wood) procure your components, select hardware and enjoy a custom electric guitar that Gibson custom shop would up charge an arm and a leg for.

    Science bless Precision Guitar Kits.

  9. Just received my T style kit and am very impressed. I trained 10 years as a professional luthier and wanted to do a quick budget build for a friend that has limited resources and I am so surprised. The quality of the alder, the proper book matching of the pieces, The fretwork is flat and flawless, dressed so nicely and the ends have no fret bloom and have been perfectly filed. The neck wood is just gorgeous and the machining is beautiful. Wow, what an incredible kit and and awesome value. There are a lot of kits out there made of inferior materials and with much less care but Precision Guitars will be my go to for many of my upcoming builds. I want to but one of the semi hollow body style guitars because I have always wanted one and even as a luthier I dread do a carved top and back.

    I have built over 80 guitars from raw lumber and this is just an impressive product.

    Thanks Precision Guitars!

    Nikko (Dave) Payne
    Constantine Guitars

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