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  • ’58 Double Cut Jr. | 59 – Maple Neck/ Pao Ferro FB

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  • ’58 Double Cut Jr. | Paddle – FAT NECK

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Thinking of making a guitar, the way you want? Come join lots of folks who are doing just that.

Start here with the best bones you can.


  • each body and neck are made for each other, numbered and fitted
  • the guitar’s geometry is just the best—you end up with a fantastically playable guitar
  • we use the best tonewoods, much higher grade than a store-bought guitar would have
  • made by us, in our shop in Vancouver, Canada
  • any questions, concerns or suggestions, you deal with the maker
  • 100% satisfaction

Customer Builds

Send in your guitar pics and we’ll publish them below.

Upload Guitar Pics

Big bold blonde bombshell got my attention

Phil: Finally submitted pics of the blonde ArchTop build. There was no place to add my story in the upload process, so here it is- Took over a year to get it the finish right but the pics speak for themselves. Can’t be more pleased! The hardware PGK provided were spot on! A little trouble […]

Vally Vally Awesome…

Hi Phil, Just finished my 59 LP with a smooth neck heel and once again, WOW. Just like my last PGK kit, this thing rocks. I love the look of the traditional LP but never could get pass the neck heel and thats why I sold everyone that I had. The smooth neck heel on […]

Dare I say it.. Thunder From Down Under..

From Ian in Australia, simply beautiful  Hi Phil. The kit you sent me was first rate. Precision is an apt description. The photos show: 1. Neck and body out of the box. 2. Ready for gluing – edges rounded, control cavity routed and control holes drilled. This is a very nice piece of mahogany with […]

Tom’s Totally Terrific Gem

Phil, I first dyed the body black and sanded back to highlight the grain.  Then I mixed up some red aniline dye and added black to it until I got the dark wine red I stained the body with.  Then I sprayed zinsser shelac to hold the color and then filled the grain with four […]

Vallis’s Victory .. Outstanding it is..

Hi Phil,   Just wanted to say that I’m truly in love with this guitar. This was my first attempt at doing a guitar kit and I have zero regrets. The quality and workmanship of your kits are comparable to any of my other American made guitars. Just a summary of what I did;   […]

Steve O’s Oh So Awesome

Phil, Really enjoying this guitar.  Thanks for the making such a high quality kit available. The ‘hog is beautiful and the figuring on the pau ferro is off the hook.  I radiused the board to 20″ and put in jumbo Evo frets, and went with the gold theme on the rest of the hardware.  Pup […]

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

—Mark Twain