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54 Single Cut JR

This is my first build with a PGK and I am blown away. Precision is the keyword here and they didn’t disappoint. I call this one Liquid Steel. Highly recommended! -TL

59 Carved Top Custom

First, holy crap this guitar is gorgeous … I can’t even!  -MT

Double Cut Archtop Custom


S Style Custom

Finished the assembly of the S type.  Great guitar.  Couldn’t be happier.  -TB

58 Double Cut JR Custom

Could not be happier with the quality of this kit, I will continue to use you guys going forward!! -MO

54 Single Cut JR

My 54 JR!! The body and neck were outstanding, fretwork was flawless. PGK have the best guitar body kits around! Definitely going to be doing another in the future. -ZG