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Hello Not So Mellow Yellow…. Bastard…

Hi Phil
  Just uploaded some photos of the custom jr kit I got from you a year ago.  
I finished it few weeks ago. It is quite the rocking beast.  It is extremely resonant.  I love it.  The ebony board and maple neck with the maple capped mahogany body is what Exactly what I wanted.  
I call it the yellow bastard.  
Tru oil finish
Duncan Custom neck and Duncan jazz neck.
Best regards



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Thanks For The Awesome Thinline

Hi Phil

Thanks for the awesome kit. You make it almost too easy! The coloring on my thinline is a few coats of water based vintage amber dye, sanded back to make a sort of burst effect while bringing out the flame in the maple top. The same dye just naturally stained the alder body a bit darker and it all blended together well with a bit of elbow grease. The body has about 20 light coats of tru oil sanded up to 2000 grit. The neck has about 5 coats and sanded up to 1000 grit. It just feels alive! Lindy Fralin blues specials, an Emerson paper-in-oil tone cap, Wilkinson bridge and Grover tuners really work to make it one of my favourites. It’ll definitely be seeing some stages (and grimy bars) across Vancouver Island. 
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Gavin’s Gorgeous

Hi Phil,

Please see my completed junior project below using your body and neck- I’m loving it! My daughter’s name is on the headstock. I’ve changed the knobs out to black speedknobs…now she’s complete. Nitro finish was completed by Jereme Clingan here in Melbourne. The guitar has the most amazing acoustic ring to it- this sounds silly but it has a complex / subtle sweetness to it. Can’t wait to start my next project.

Kind Regards,

Gavin Rieschieck.



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This knucklehead is pretty damn attractive…

Hey, Phil. The Knucklehead is done and it’s fantastic. The fit and finish of the routs, the neck, fingerboard and fret work is impeccable. 

A nod to Nik Huber guitars, I decided to go with a master volume & tone so I filled the other two holes in the cavity with mahogany dowel. A pair of Lollar P90’s, a Bumblebee cap from Luxe Radio, Tonepros wraparound (from you!) and Kluson Deluxe machine heads. Everything was pore filled, sanded… filled… sanded… the back and neck were aniline dyed brown mahogany. The top and head stock were primed and sprayed in lacquer and the entire guitar was clear coated with lacquer.
I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the work you guys do and I’m already looking forward to doing the double cut Chucklehead! I’ll be in touch soon.
Cheers, m.

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Ain’t no denim blues here, just damn denim joy

Hi Gents, just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful custom archtop kit. It came out fantastic your workmanship and fretwork are next to none.  I went for a faded denim colour on the top coated in good old nitro lacquer. Stuck with the natural mahogany on the back and neck with a tru-oil satin finish. A great set of Mcnelly pickups, tonepros bridge, Kluson tuners and of course cts and switchcraft electronics. Sounds and plays awesome. Very happy with it. Thanks again.



here is what he used…

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Clayton’s Most Glorious Creation


Can’t thank you enough. I worked on this everyday until I had to wait to buff the finish. It’s hard to put down now. It sounds way better than my other guitars, and plays a lot better too! The wood joints are extremely well cut, and wood quality is excellent , fret work is fantastic , fretboard inlays are very well made… very precise, and the extra jumbo frets makes playing this thing very fun, and easy.

I used colortone stain, mixed in alcohol , behlen nitro lacquer , Grover tuners, tonepros metric bridge and tailpiece set, zakk wylde emg pickup set and various other small parts. 

I can’t wait to build another one . Thank you again, and I will surely be back . 


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The Lil Devil Speaks His Mind

Hi Phil,
My other guitars have been feeling neglected since I got my first Precision  Junior finished.  I’m loving the range of tones this little devil can produce. And the resonance is amazing.  
Finishing the guitar was a piece of cake:
Grain filled with ebony filler.
Sanded it back then dyed using amber dye/rubbing alcohol mixture.
Applied sanding sealer, sanded lightly then clear coated with several coats. 
Level sanded, then buffed to a gloss finish.
I purchased my finishing supplies from Wood Essence in Saskatoon.
Here’s a few pictures for your gallery.

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Squid diddly long scale awesome.

Hi Phil,
        I wanted to share some images of my completed guitar, you are nore than welcome to include them on the website if you’d  like. I’m pretty happy how my half of the work turned out and very happy with your end of the deal. Set up was a breeze and everything was spot on.
        I went with seth lover pickups and of course used all of the nickel goodies you offered. Top it off with a set of Kluson tuners and there you go. 
        I’ve run her through both my Vox Ac10 and Fender Bassman ltd. And it sound amazing through both. Thanks again and looking forward to building another someday.
James S


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Here’s to you Mrs Robinson…:)

This is something I always wanted to do and I am very pleased with the kit and the results. Especially for my very first build. I even got my wife involved with staining and such, and as a thank you to her I put her name, Jamie, on it.

I used your parts kit (perfect color for my on the dials, btw) and Seymour Duncan Vintage Blues pick up set.

Thanks again,

Dan Robinson

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Natural Binding On Archtop

This is where the boys in the paint shop rise above the others. The attention to detail is crazy good, This on of the PH-AT, plain maple cap arch top with the maple cap sides taped off. It creates a binding that’s so cool, because you can look at it up close and see the grain of the maple. It’s quite beautiful actually.

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John’s Jumpin’ Johesephat Jubulation ..

Hi Phil,

It’s been a while but I wanted to send some pictures of my LP build now that it’s finished.  This was quite a learning experience with a lot of mistakes but I persevered and very happy with the results.
I used hot hide glue for the neck which fit perfectly.  Next, oil based pore filler from Guitar Re-ranch was used for the mahogany.  I tinted the filler with cherry aniline dyes which gives it a nice antique look with fading.  The top was then stained lemon yellow followed by sanding and a coat of tinted lacquer with a few of ‘clear’ coats.  This step was the most interesting and fun.  I used Behlen lacquer and set it out in the intense summer sun for a week or so which turned it a beautiful amber shade and seemed to lower the viscosity.  The top cherry shading was the same aniline dye as used in the pore filler along with a little blue to get a more pronounced and deeper color (I was shooting for a washed cherry fade with a dirty-green lemon). The aged lacquer gives it a nice dirty lemon hue all around and I did a light top coat with the pristine lacquer.  The guitar was then wet sanded from 400 up to 2000 grit followed by buffing using the foam pads from stewmac.  The top and back are starting to fade slightly and the pics more or less capture that effect, especially the lower bout that now has a nice antique-y amber tone.  I kick myself now for not documenting the whole process since it was an incredible transformation and a very rewarding experience overall.
Aside from the finish work, I put in Throbak PG102’s with luxe capacitors and faber hardware.  The bridge studs are the new faber ABR-nashville adaptors, which are a nice upgrade.  The result is a very lively and resonant guitar that plays and sounds way better than the reissue’s costing around $3K or higher.  The guitar is also super light (~8 lbs) which seems to go very well with the PG102s.  In particular, the neck pickup along with the out of phase middle position are scary good in this guitar (amazing clarity and punch, notes bloom like crazy)!  Together with the thinner and harder lacquer finish and the buttery neck (somewhere between 59 and slim 60 with small shoulders) the feel and playability are absolutely superb.  I don’t think it could have come out any better than it did. A real gem.
Lastly, I still can’t get over how cool the old looking top is with all the flecks and subtle curly pinstripe flame that really pop with the finish (so much for being in the ’ugly’ top category!!!).
Thanks very much for all of your help in making this happen!
Best Regards,
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Lutz’s Luxury

Hi Phil,

sorry it took me a while to give an update…  I decided to let the lacquer cure while we were on holiday and do the buffing and final assembly later.
Here are some pics… of the end result… I call the look ‘light ginger burst’… quite please for my first attempt at an LP…
To get to this, I first lightly washed the maple cap with potassium permanganate to emphasise the flame and give the maple a slightly ‘sun-light aged’ base colour,  then sanded. I then dyed the entire top with water based light amber coloured dye. I then applied 2 thin coats of shellac and sanded again before spraying gloss nitro over the top, with a little more amber tinted nitro towards the edges. The back and sides are dyed in a mix of cherry red and black (to darken it) water based dyes.  The back of the body is grain filled using transparent filler that I tinted with the cherry red /black mix, followed by 2 thin coats of shellac as barrier and sanding.  The back and sides of the body and back of the neck were then finished in satin nitro….  Buffing and polishing of face of headstock and top done entirely by hand just using wet & dry of increasing grits as well as 3M micromesh, before using Meguiars automotive compound and ScratchX to mirror finish.
The pickups are the ‘Super-Dry’ humbuckers by Mark Foley of Fatboy Guitars UK (Replicas of Maxon/Greco DryZ humbuckers of the 1970s).  The wiring harness has all the usual bits, including CTS Switchcraft, as well as bumblebee caps.
All metal hardware is nickel.  The tuners are Grovers, the bridge, studs and tailpiece are Faber. All plastics are Gibson OEM.
I see you now do a hollow arch top 335-style body as well???  Might be a project for the winter/spring if I can get a good price on it.  Always wanted a cherry red 335…
All the best,
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Sean’s Sensational lil Red 59

HI.. finally done.
Yes it took a few years to get her completed but I’ve had her up and running for about a month now.  I haven’t played any of my other guitars (save my archtop) since then.  Although my last Carved Top was Stolen in 1982, I do think this one sounds better.  Band members and fans love it as well.
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Nicholas’ Spectacularly Awesome Road Warrior

Hello all PGK team;)

I wanted to say that I was very satisfied with the kit that I bought you, it sounds crazy, mega rock guitar! grin emoticon

I exploded view to realize the black over goldtop heavy relic, everyone finds beautiful and it sounds great!

So I think that soon I will come to you to buy a sg jr and a flying V!

You address some pictures of my work hoping you like it! grin emoticon



This Name is ” T.T.Special ” ..Tracker Trip Special wink emoticon

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Minja Ninja excellence in Switzerland

Hi Phil,
Some pictures of the finished guitar, for your Homepage if you like. The guitar was built by my good friend Werni Sahli, an absolute professional!
Pickups are OX4 Humbuckers, hardware is from Faber Germany.

Many thanks again for your great work, the wood work was simply superb!!!

Indeed. Werni is one of the best Luthiers here in Switzerland. His paint jobs are simply outstanding. He was impressed about the quality of your kits, everything went together without any problems.

Greetings to the team, all the best


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Roger’s TV White’s Tuned Right in..

Hello Phil,

Hope you are well. Thought it would be worthwhile sharing with you some images of the completed double cut Junior based on your kit.

I am extremely pleased with the way the guitar has turned out, the way it sounds and the TV Yellow colour.

The luthier I used  here in Melbourne to assemble the guitar was Cargill Custom Guitars and they are one of the better luthier’s here. They were also very complementary about the quality of the kit, which was good news noting their experience with guitars generally.

Thanks again and regards,


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The Blue Ghost…

Here is a guitar that is pretty awesome. It is 59 Carved Top with the Graphtech Ghost System installed. It has the most wonderful, full, acoustic guitar sound with just a bit of that edge you’d expect from an electric.  Ken was very happy with the end result and we love making stuff like this..

Here is what Ken had to say:

Thought I would send you a few pick of the fantastic work you and yours did for me…I do not have the tools nor the patience to complete a project like this but Precision Guitar Kits sure do…the work that the CNC shop, the Bespoke build crew and paint is first rate…if you want to have a custom guitar built for you, I can recommend this wholeheartedly…fill your cart and press the buy button…then sit back and wait for “Precision” to arrive!


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Tim’s Totally Terrific White Window Wrattle….:)

Hi Phil
Thought I’d send along a photo of my finished Jr. The kit was, as advertised, a dream to build. Everything went together smoothly; the neck/body fit was absolutely precise. A couple of things surprised me in a good way; the neck is described as a baseball shape on your site so I wondered if it would be on the large side. It turns out that it’s a very comfortable size and shape even for someone with smaller hands. The biggest surprise is how good this guitar sounds. I purchased the Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 that you sell and I really like it. I usually play jazz through the clean channel of a small Blackstar tube amp and this guitar fits the bill. When my wife is out, I crank up the amp and it sounds very snarly. When I switch to the dirty channel, the windows rattle. Seriously though, I expected to end up with a decent guitar but this is WAY beyond decent. It’s fabulous.
The photo has a paper mock up of a decal that I’m getting made up. It says Muffin City custom in honour of two Toronto bands; Martha and The Muffins and a cultish 60’s band called The City Muffin Boy’s. They were kind of like Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground but sadly ,without Andy Warhol promoting them, they remained unknown except for members of Toronto’s art community back then.
Already planning the next build; a T style, no pick guard, natural finish with a Lollar Charlie Christian neck pickup and a regular Tele bridge pu.
Thank for making such a fine product. You guys are off the charts for quality and workmanship.
All the best and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.


TIM's FullSizeRender

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Dan’s Damn Fine Dangerous Delight…

Hi there – Here a few pics of my SG Jr. build from a few years back. It plays like butter, and resonates like nothing else I’ve ever played. I’ve recommended PGK to anyone interested in rolling their own. Great bones – just like you say!

Named this one the “Les Ismore”. The P90 is an Alnico 2 kit from Stew Mac (8.4k dcr) The bridge is a Pigtail – and the studs and bushings from them are just spectacular. The tone cap was rescued from an old Hammond organ preamp. Wish I had more of em! It was hard (for me anyway) to get an accurate photo of the color. It’s a slightly yellowed white – nitrocellulose that I mixed up here. Thanks again!

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Hendrixson’s…. sensation

Dear Precision Guitar Kits,

          I wanted to express my appreciation of your product and give you an account of my completed Les Paul Junior DC. Love this guitar!!!
          I received the LP Junior DC with African Mahogany body and ’59 Black Limba neck with ebony fretboard in flawless condition. People rave about the quality of the lumber you use and the perfect fit of you neck joint. I was, nevertheless, impressed. Incidentally, I find this ’59 neck to be just as comfortable for either chords and single note playing,
          I decided to emphasize the beauty of the wood by using a clear oil finish–three coats of Odie’s Oxi Oil (which ‘ages’ the wood color) and a couple of coats of Odie’s wood butter hand buffed to a satin sheen.
          I used the really gorgeous Tonepros Kluson style vintage tuners and wraparound bridge from Precision with a really nicely aged finish.
          The pickguard and truss rod cover are from Quickguards and are in the “variegated gold leaf” finish which my photography really doesn’t do justice to.
           I wanted the look and something of the sound of a vintage Junior but without the hum. I went with The Creamery’s “Custom ’13 Dogear bridge” which is a true double coil humbucker but with a lot of P90ish clarity. I’m really happy with this choice and I think it will really allow this guitar to perform in a range of environments.
Thanks so much for helping me create this guitar!