Slotted Fretboard


Precision slotted fretboards for your DIY project.  Choose from many wood types, scales and sizes. 

Each fretboard will be slotted with up to 25 slots.  The number of frets will depend on your scale length and the length of fretboard you have purchased. One slot at the nut position, and up to 24 frets depending on your selected fretboard size, scale length and distance behind nut.  Please consider your scale length and desired amount of frets when choosing fretboard length.  You may need to order a fretboard that is wider than you need in order to get the length & number of frets you need.  There are several online calculators available to help you calculate the fretboard length you will need.  

Distance behind nut is how much extra fretboard material will be on the headstock side of the nut slot.  Most guitars will need this section cut off to accommodate the nut.  Other guitars, like “F” style guitars will need more material here (1/2″) because of the “scoop” behind the nut down to the headstock.  

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Shipping Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 4 × 4 in


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