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Brandon’s Black Brash Beauty

Hi Phil just wanted to send you a few photos of this beautiful guitar I just finished! The kit you sent was of the highest quality wood and the neck joint was perfect! I put a nice satin black finish with a lollar p90 pickup and Grover tuners, cts pots, paua abalone inlay on headstock, and bone nut. She plays beautifully and I thank you for making such a high quality product!

The head stock was done with a fibre board overlay. I made a tool just for routing this small stuff and luckily it worked . then i cut pieces of paua abalone and laid them in place with black epoxy. There is a few mistakes but I’m pretty happy with it. Pic is of the tool I made for my Dremel

 This is becoming my go to guitar because it produces such a heavy tone!
Thanks again Mason.