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Bye Bye’s Beautiful Birdies…

Hey Phil, here are a few pics of the 2 guitars I got from you. First off I have a total of 11 guitars, and these 2 are by far the best guitars I own, they beat out easily any of the 3 LP’s I own!
I am still not quite done yet, I have to get  truss rod covers and cover for the back of the Junior, cant decide if I’m going to make them myself or not.
The Blue Guitar has Bill Lawrence split coil 1981 picks I bought in Palm Springs when I was down there for a holiday, they are autographed by Bill Lawrence. They really sound amazing! All the other parts except for the  nut came from you, and I cant find better parts anywhere.
The black Limba Junior I kind of cheaped out on the parts and am regretting it, and will be replacing the crap parts I got, so expect my order very soon for your top quality parts Phil!! Both guitars absolutely play like butter! I’ve gone into guitar shops and checked out guitars that sell for thousands and they just don’t compare!
So for the finish on both guitars I use a post cat 90 degree lacquer for the top coat and for the sealer I use a special sealer that is also post cat as well. The blue guitar is a mixture of custom colors that I made to get the blue and the purple burst on it. For the Black limba is a special mixture that I put right in the lacquer so I didn’t disturb the grain They both came out really well. After the final coats of Lacquer a lot of wet sanding with 1500 grit and then 2000 grit and a lot of buffing with some commercial buffing compound I use.
I must say though, after being a cabinet maker and wood finisher for 30 years, it is not quite the same finishing a guitar compared to  finishing standard wood work. You certainly need a lot more patience! One advantage I do have is being able to buy commercial grade lacquers and other finishing products, but even with that, I still have a few flaws in both guitars but I am still very pleased.