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A Great Seasons Greetings Email From One Of Our Customers

Thank you for doing what you do. Building a guitar can be an emotional experience, with so much of your self invested in it.

You have calmly replied to my ranting e-mails when things don’t go as expected and offered advice. Above all, you listen to the customer, a rare thing these days, and you are willing to discuss ideas to improve the product.

As a result, I have two great guitars, with all their “learning curve indicators” that just make them more unique. And sound? They produce the glorious noise that I heard in my head, when wanting to build one in the first place.

I feel the need to mention PGK to any one on E-Bay that I buy far too many guitar parts from, and tell them to have a look. I think I have cornered the market on wrap around tail-pieces and soap bar pickups! Thanks also for taking a chance on those oh-so-unfashionable base-ball bat neck profiles in a world full of tooth-pick spec necks.

Keep doing what you are doing in the new year, brush the cobwebs off some more ancient design from the golden age of the guitars development….a Gibson Moderne would be nice and continue to prosper. Thanks so much for providing what you provide.

Seasons greetings to you and yours.


This is for us a great email, ’cause this is exactly what we want to be known for.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and we look forward to working with you in 2012

Phil & Kevin