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Dave’s Dark Cherry Delight…

Look at this.. awesome!

Greetings!  Want to say my read the bread crumbs and for Christmas Santa left me your 58 Double Cut Jr Kit.  Gotta say I have lusted in my heart after one of these for years…..but not willing to plunk down several thousand bucks for one….well it just wasn’t going to happen.  And then I found your site!  I think I bookmarked every computer in the house this kit in the shopping cart.  IT WORKED!
So, I started on it just after Christmas 2013.  Have pics here after I glued up the neck, the tolerance is so tight that I am baffled as to how you do that.  Neck and body fit together so tightly that there is no “lining up” required of the two pieces as there simply is no play.  It fits perfectly!
So, went with Heritage Cherry for the body and neck.  Basic black for the front of the headstock.  Historic Kluson (tone pro) Tuners.  Historic Lightning Bar tail Piece, P90, MojoTone 50 style wiring kit, brass nut, tortoise Shell pick guard…………….and a whole lot of attitude!!
The pics speak for themselves.  It rocks as good as it looks.  I am thoroughly stoked, and completely satisfied, it could not have came out any better.  Actually had the pleasure of playing a 57 Jr (single cut) yesterday at a nationally known guitar super center (sorry no plug from me) and at the risk of angering the guitar gods and losing my mojo…….MINE IS BETTER!!! Plays better, sounds better, feels better….is better.  So I will not go forward thinking somehow its second best….don’t think so, I would not have swapped for the 57 (ok maybe I would have….I know I can build another of these).
At any rate, thanks…here are some pics showing some of the progress and the final product!!


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