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Dr. John Tribute in DE house…

Hi Phil

Well its finally finished! Many thanks to you guys for all of your efforts.
I’m not much of a photographer but I have included a few pictures for your
website so others can see how awesome PGK kits can be. I had it assembled by
one of the best guitar techs in the UK to make sure it plays and sounds as
good as it looks.

Precision Guitar Kits Contoured heel & belly cut Les Paul – 60’s slim neck
Painted by you guys!
Faber Aluminium tailpiece
Faber Bridge & hardware
Faber keystone tuners
David Barfuss “Beano Bluesbreaker” Alnico 5 pickups
Gibson plastics
Gold speed knobs
CTS 500k 5% TVT pots
Alpha 500k push / push
Switchcraft selector and jack
Schaller strap locks
Luxe Bumble Bee Woman Tone .015mfd & .022mfd capacitors
Wired for the bridge pickup to be coil tapped

In the word of Arnie: “I’ll be back”!!!!

Kind Regards
Gene Thomas