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Duane’s Daring Dazzlin’ Darling


Hi Phil,

Finally got the chance to take some decent pics of the guitar. It was a 59 carved top kit. I had been wanting to try one of the precision kits for a while, just to be able to put what you
want on a guitar in the infancy of it the process always appealed to me.
Also wanted to try my hand at seeing if I could get close to a Bourbon burst. I do a bit of painting as a side job but nothing on wood, more helmets, bike tanks ect. so that part was also of interest to see what I could learn on the finishing part. And really who doesn’t want to see if they can put something like this together.
Anyway everything went smooth in the assembly. The only real hangup I had was trying to get the bourbon color how I wanted it. I learned dyes are a much different beast than the paints I am used too.
Picked the dyes and water based finish up from wood essence. It was actually a nice product to work with.
I’m still picky on the finish, but it was the perfect way to learn.
The neck plays amazing, the body has a great weight to it. I have a Seth lover in the neck of another guitar so i knew what to expect there. Love the vintage vibe of the pick up’s. Very happy with how everything turned out, it is a great playing and sounding guitar.
I’ve already picked out the next kit I want to try my hand at. You will definitely be hearing from me sooner
than later as I plan to set this one up as a summer project.