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Dutch Treat…

Check this out boys.. this is Fred, from the Netherlands, work. Quilted maple on a single PUP, carved top, ebony fretboard and his own headstock design. I really like the way he opened up the burst to the neck. It’s like its flying…

Here’s what he said..

Hi Phil

as promissed herewith some new shots of my new favorite Single cut, it turned out really great, thanks to your works assembly was a breeze and I just had to stain and paint it to turn it into a really special guitar.
I can’t wait to start the next one.
Now for this. I used a gibson Tommy Iommi for the pickup, I had a few spare and upto now I had not found the perfect guitar for it In combination with the ebony fingerboard the harmonics really jump off that guitar, it sounds huge but still has clarity on a high gain amp.
for the bridge I used the tonepros wraparound from your site, at first I wanted to go really simple and use a standard wraparound but this is a guitar I’m going to use heavily and then it better be in tune, it turned out great;

the tonepros bridge is a very nice piece of engineering and easy to intonate before painting I used stewmac’s new colortone grainfiller, it is very easy to apply and sand back, using it enables you to get a glass like clearcoat on the mahogany back very fast for the stains, which were applied using a sponge (for the yellow basecolor) and an airbrush (for the burst)

I used colortone stains: vintage amber with a drop of golden brown and a single drop of red when using an airbrush, contrary to the video’s on your website, I spray inwards, I guess with a rattle can it would be different but as I sometimes lose some little drops from the tip of my airbrush it is actually safer to work inwards and the airbrush enables me to spray the colors on really thin with a nice gradation so i keep total control.

I started painting the neck and body separately as that made it easier for me hang the parts to dry and only before the last 5-6
clearcoats did I glue in the neck (remember to tape the tenon and neck-cavity with low tack tape)

I have build single cut kits before but this was by far the easiest to complete (and I must admit the best playing, the baseball profile is just perfect)

I thought this was a bit interesting.. on the single pickup..




This is what he built:

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