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Guitar Man’s Tribute..

Hello Phil.

I want to thank you and your staff at Precision guitar for the beautiful kit I’ve received.

This is the first guitar I have build.
I really liked the experience and will do it again.
I’ve included a picture of my “Green Day tribute doublecut”.
Here is what I did.
First of all, no grain filling, I wanted to be a punk guitar.
The tuner are Gotoh Vintage-style Oval Knob 3+3 Tuners.
The bridge is an Adjustable Wraparound Bridge
I wanted to have a guitar with a P90 Pickup. I really liked the sound of Tesla P90 and that’s the one I choose.
And as you can see, I have the American Idiot and the 2 skulls from 21st Century Breakdown logo on the guit and the pickguard.
My fav color is black and white, so, I choose to make it black with white frost burst.
The back is gloss and the front is satin finish.
Finished it 2 days ago and had my first battle scare yesterday, dropped it and have a bump in the back as you can see.
But it doesn’t matters, it’s a punk guitar after all.
I hope you’ll enjoy my pics. Don’t be to critics on my work please, it’s my first, and not the last, guitar ever build.

Looking forward to do business with you again.