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Hendrixson’s…. sensation

Dear Precision Guitar Kits,

          I wanted to express my appreciation of your product and give you an account of my completed Les Paul Junior DC. Love this guitar!!!
          I received the LP Junior DC with African Mahogany body and ’59 Black Limba neck with ebony fretboard in flawless condition. People rave about the quality of the lumber you use and the perfect fit of you neck joint. I was, nevertheless, impressed. Incidentally, I find this ’59 neck to be just as comfortable for either chords and single note playing,
          I decided to emphasize the beauty of the wood by using a clear oil finish–three coats of Odie’s Oxi Oil (which ‘ages’ the wood color) and a couple of coats of Odie’s wood butter hand buffed to a satin sheen.
          I used the really gorgeous Tonepros Kluson style vintage tuners and wraparound bridge from Precision with a really nicely aged finish.
          The pickguard and truss rod cover are from Quickguards and are in the “variegated gold leaf” finish which my photography really doesn’t do justice to.
           I wanted the look and something of the sound of a vintage Junior but without the hum. I went with The Creamery’s “Custom ’13 Dogear bridge” which is a true double coil humbucker but with a lot of P90ish clarity. I’m really happy with this choice and I think it will really allow this guitar to perform in a range of environments.
Thanks so much for helping me create this guitar!