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Jimi Fn Ray…..


I remember when I sent you that email, I was about halfway through my previous build “ Angela “ when I came up with an idea to create a strat project, but this wasn’t going to be just any strat, it was going to be something I always wanted to do years ago.

Growing up, being influenced throughout my younger years to the sounds of the one and only Jimi Hendrix was probably the reason why I bought my first strat to begin with. I have always loved the way Hendrix played a right handed guitar left handed and always wanted to try it. But as the years went on and being influenced by Hendrix, another great guitar player became a tremendous influence.  That person was Stevie Ray Vaughan, and seeing Stevie play you could see how Hendrix had played a role in the way he played and how Stevie just took that to a whole another level. So being such a big fan of both artists and them both playing such a big role in my life growing up and whaling to their tunes, I figured it was time to create something unique.

The funny thing was when I emailed you inquiring about a left handed strat, you had one right then and there. I know you don’t stock them normally and haven’t seen any lefty strats on your web site which is why I new this was fate. When I received the kit and looked at the invoiced listed as “ Fate Driven Strat “ I knew this was going to be a great project. So here it is, “ Jimi Ray “ a little tribute to my influences and it sounds amazing.

It took me 3 days to set up, trying to get it right, unfortunatley when people say you shouldn’t string a left handed guitar upside down, they are right, neck need to be adjusted and my vintage tremole is not what is the norm for a strat setup, but it sings beautifully.

I  dyed the guitar with transtint and alcohol to get that Stevie Ray look without the relic and wear his guitar has been through as his was once sunburst and now looks walnut color. I did the back of the neck the same and dyed the headstock with a vintage blond like the original strats. Once the dye was set I used straight tung oil, that is all that is on this guitar, a  ot of it.

The head stock was also tung oiled and then sanding sealer was then applied as I taped off just the head stock to add the deals. Once decals were added I shot the headstock with nitro and then wet sanded and buffed. The rest of the guitar, back of the neck and body were left to cure and once the tung oil was dried, I did several passes with straight carnuba wood wax , buffing it until I got a nice satin sheen. I love the way the grain came out and the feel of the neck is smooth. I did also grain fill and sand prior with timber mate natural before beginning, swap ash always needs it.

Hardware was all gold vintage and klusion tuners. Seymour duncan Texas Hots and SSL. My wiring was done in a 5 toggle blender rig done by Jonesy Blues which gives me some real different tones. Overall this project was by far a beautiful turn out. It took me a while to get used to playing it backward but I love it. P

hil, this would of never been possible if you didn’t have that kit when I emailed you, I thank you and I hope you enjoy the pics.