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This is my first guitar kit that I have built. My Precision Telecaster kit was very well done. The grain in the wood is just stunning. It would have been a shame to paint it. I tried to keep the lines in the wood as natural as possible. I sanded it with 800 grit paper. I sprayed several coats of sealer on it. I then started to spray the Translucent Blue on to it. Just want to get this in before I continue. The next time I build one of these I will for sure use wood filler next time. I sprayed  8 layers of the Translucent Blue , The last 2 coats of the blue I sprayed I was trying to get it darker on the outer edges. I left the neck untouched with anything other than lacquer. The neck itself is just a beautiful piece of wood. I sanded it with 12000 grit pads to get it silky smooth. After spraying 10 coats of lacquer. My Translucent Blue body turned to a Plum color. Don’t know why that happened. I sent it off to the guitar shop to get a professional setup done. The intonation on this is perfect.It came out awesome. I plugged it in to my Amplitude 3 used the Supro Amp with a Leslie speaker and it sounds just like Good Times Bad Time. This guitar sounds amazing. I have been nervous about it coming out good. It came out better than I could have hoped for. And the scary thing is, it sounds better than any brand name guitar that I have. Did it cost more to build this than buying a brand name guitar. Yes. Was it worth it, You bet, every penny of it. My next one I build will be an SG.
Thanks so much Phil
This awesome Telecaster Guitar Kit made by PRECISION GUITARS
Rodeo Pickups Are custom made in the USA made by ManliusGuitar.
Locking Tuners Are Sperzel Proffesionals. Made in the USA
Switch Harness is Custom Made BY JonesyBlues made in the USA.
All paints are from Guitar ReRanch.
Earvana Nut
Ernie Ball Super Slinkies.
Patent Fender Compensated Bridge
Setup done by Rush at Buchanan Music. Mesa,Az