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Les ‘s More…..Way More

Phil, just wanted to share with you some pictures of the latest finished guitar.

Once again, just wanted to thank you guys at Precision for another fine kit. This was a chambered ’59 kit with with a lightly flamed maple cap. As always, the kit went together like the precision instrument it is claimed to be with very little work required to level the frets once it was all assembled.

Every guitar I have ever built has developed it’s own personality, this one was no different.

It fought me tooth and nail from the start. It was telling me it didn’t want a black base coat, so it went back to almost bare timber. Then when i sprayed the “burst” on to the vintage amber, it was telling me it just didn’t feel right. In the end, it was stripped back to bare timber for a 3rd time, a base stain of vintage amber was applied, then the burst of tobacco and mahogany combined was added and the 2 colours just bled together beautifully. 12 coats of clear nitro and countless hours of hand sanding later, the finished guitar is a joy to look at and even better to play.

It is blessed with a pair of Chris Carter PAF pickups which are just magnificent. I bought the best of everything for this guitar including , in my humble opinion, the best Guitar kit available.

I have included a few pictures of the build and will share with you the other 3 guitars when they are done. Thanks once again Phil.