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Les Whatever’s Les Paul Custom Build…and some kind words.


This is one of our Australian Customers. We made him a custom kit, flame maple cap, neck and body binding and trap inlays. He has done a fantastic job with it. The grain of the flame maple cap just pops out. This is what he sent along to us.

 I have finally finished the LP kit i bought from you. I have to say one final thank you. It was so easy to make this guitar because everything was made so well before it even hit my hands. It took almost no setup at all as the neck fit like a glove.

I have played it for a couple of weeks and it is definitely my favorite guitar now. It just sounds massive, plays silky smooth and it truly is a joy to play.





4 thoughts on “Les Whatever’s Les Paul Custom Build…and some kind words.

  1. what a beautiful finish great job. i was thinking of getting one of these kits and thats the type of finish i would do i was wondering if you could explain to me how to do such a great job

  2. Nice of you to say Troy. Firstly, all the stains I used were diluted in methylated spirits, but you could use water if you like. Start off by using grain filler then sanding to smooth finish gradually getting to 1200 sand paper. Layer each colour, I started with black to really give it depth. I waited 24 hours before sanding. Sand almost all the black off until only the deepest parts remain black. Apply the second coat of stain, I used 4 different stain colours to get this finish, go ahead and experiment, you never know what you will find. I then lightly sanded the top back again and finished off with a lemon colour. I hit it with 8 coats of nitrocellulose and left it for a month to harden before polishing. All the stains and polish were purchased from Stuart Hope this helps. Good luck with your build.

  3. What a beautiful guitar. I love that finish myself, but I think when I order mine I’m going to just paint the body. I will probably also use stweard mcdonald for the finish, etc,. I’ve always wanted a custom in white with black hardware and either EMG’s or Dimarzio’s since I play mostly rock and metal with a blues bite to it..
    God bless

  4. Did you use grain filller and the back and sides or on the maple cap too?

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