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Ottawa Johnny’s Capital Guitar…

Hi Phil , thank you to  have  these quality  guitars in the market , and  Canadian  product  on top  of it . Here is  my   Double Cutaway Custom 58  ( might call it `Jmont` looking for a decal ) Look good , sound  well just little  issues with  headstock that  i received was a bit  too much sanded on the side  but  not a  big issue as it`s  my first project.

  • Tuner are  tone  pro  that i tinted with  same  colour as body and neck + cover by clear  nail varnish
  • pick up is  a  Lollars  dog ear
  • Bridge is a  Tone pro wraparound AVT2 ( might change for a standard vintage  will see…)
  • Pickguard  is  totaly custom hand made by me , wood  is  African  wange
  • Trus rod cover hand made with  ebony , back plate  is  handmade with  Mahogany ( need to  revised as i want to made a ebony one)
  • Stain that  used is colour “ Black Bean “ Fom  Livos , Ecological  oil /stain  ( no smell , no sanding just 3 coats and  buffing at the end) just need  cheese  cloth  and  glove to get great result,  will used again !
  • Electronic is  500k CTS pots with a  .22 orange  cap