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Redfishbum ‘s … ( I ain’t lyin’ ) X marks the spot



Hey Phil,

Finally have some decent pics of the X that my son Daniel and I put together.  Great learning experience for our first time building a guitar.  Daniel loves playing it.

The quality of the kit is amazing right out of the box; fret work is great.  I glued the neck on the body after I finish sanded it up to about 800 grit.  I did not grain fill and did several, probably about 10 very light coats of Tru Oil….wipe on then wipe off.

Humbuckers are Golden Age with a paper in oil 0.022 Cap.   I did drill one hole so that I could thread a soldered ground wire from the bottom of the bridge post and pull it through to ground on the back of one of the pots.

I had the pic gaurd made specifically for this guitar by (I sent them a paper template).

Great product which makes Great guitar!!