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Sebastian’s “Knock It Out Of The Park Carved Top”

I had just finished a Goldtop project, using one of those cheapo Ebay kits and it was such a pain that I decided to use the best kit out there for my next build. Turns out the best LP style kit out there is yours.

Compared to the cheap kit building your kit was a blast. Everything matched perfectly, the joints, the pickup (and other) cavities, just great. The quality of the wood was also way (!) better.

For the lacquering process I mostly used StewMac and ReRanch lacquers and later StewMac polish to finish it.

The pickups are Lindy Fralin P90s, the bridge is a WD ABR-1 variant with nylon saddles, the nut is bone, the tuners are TonePros Kluson vintage tuners.

I’ve used pots that I had thrown out of my ex Gibson 2002 R8 (3 of the pots were 300k, not good for humbuckers, but good enough for the P90s). I’ve used NOS Sprague .033µF VitQ paper in oil caps, put on the Bigsby and Dunlop strap locks.

The Silver Fantail headstock inlay was done by Cliff from Sharkinlay, based on a logo I’ve used on all of my builds since 1998. And that’s about it …

It took me about 6 month to finish the project – working on it as a hobby in the evenings or on weekends + an almost 2 month cure period for the lacquer.

It sounds and plays great! And it’s definitely a looker.
turned out pretty sweet and exactly the way I wanted it.

Thanks a lot for this nice piece of wood and the superb craftsmanship. Keep it up, because I started a highly frequented thread at the German and people are getting more and more interested in your kits (

I attached a couple pics of the finished guitar. Hope you dig it.

He Built it with this:

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