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Splendour in Yellow…

Hey phil,
I am attaching some photos of my recent build of the 54 TV yellow Junior-it is my first build and I’m quite pleased with the result-thanks to your amazing kit !-the finished guitar is not perfect,but perfection is boring right…..
here is a list of some components used…
250kCTS pots,orange drops,switchcraft jack,gibson nut,gibson vintage style wraparound tailpiece,seymour Duncan Antiquity P90,sperzel locking tuners-(i have vintage style klusons on order)-
it was fun,educational,frustrational,emotional and spiritual…..
the quality of the bones of the kit has shone through-when a novice such as myself can produce a guitar of this caliber… tone wise …it is amazing-intonation is dead on without any adjustment(that was amazing to me) the guitar unplugged, rings and vibrates and resonates louder than my  other guitars.
i will enjoy it for years to come and will definitely build another with one of your kits!-I’m thinking ’59 LP burst- or Goldtop!-
Thank you Phil&Crew! sincerely,