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Steve O’s Oh So Awesome


Really enjoying this guitar.  Thanks for the making such a high quality kit available. The ‘hog is beautiful and the figuring on the pau ferro is off the hook.  I radiused the board to 20″ and put in jumbo Evo frets, and went with the gold theme on the rest of the hardware.  Pup is a Fralin noiseless 5% overwound.  Only trouble has been getting the bridge far enough back for intonation – had to turn the saddles around and take the adjusting screws to the limit, but is intonated.  Possibly because I use fairly heavy strings (11-49)?

Playability is top notch, even though the neck has almost no relief (I sanded out the built-in relief when radiusing the board!).  Low action, no buzzes, can bend notes to the moon. 

Finish is black grain filler, Cabot fruitwood stain, and wipe on poly.  I did have to go back and add a “rib cut”, because the curve of the upper bout dug into my rib cage so bad I could only play it for 5-10 min.  Would have been much easier to do this at the start, but now it is comfortable.  The other thing I forgot about is adding a thin wire when pushing in the RH bridge insert, for grounding.  Just didn’t occur to me until later, so it might be worth mentioning on the web site.  I did get it well grounded with conductive paint & copper foil, though.

Regards, Steve O