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Scott’s Bare Ass Rock and Roll 57 Carved Top

I love this. One pick up 57 carved top, with just enough clear on it to keep the beer off and she’s ready to go.  Check out is Scott’s inlay and stinger.

From Scott:

Really excellent , as good as it gets ! It’s freaking awesome .

Phil ! Yeah I went organic with this one , I did a egg wash sealer coat which was super easy and very  effective , simply brushed on a egg white , nothing fancy no chemicals and very cheap .Just one egg So then on to a brushed on shellac wash coat . I dyed the Red stinger on and vignette on the headstock . I then sprayed 3 coast of Shellac with a Preval and it just went on flawlessly . I did my first ever inlay work . I used a Dremel and a nice small bit from Stew Mac and it cut like a hot knife through butter .This was a tribute to my 2 kitties I had for 18 years Yin & Yang sister tabbies . They had a wonderful life and finally said farewell a few months ago, they will be missed but not forgotten . So a few months back before Yang was slowing down she painted some paw prints with “milk paint” and I used those prints of hers to do the headstock inlay. I used a very beautiful and easy to work with “Box Elder “wood for her inlay and with the vast resources that is” my les paul”  forum I found all I needed to know about inlay . Cutting and using superglue and sealing the inlay went exactly as planned .Then it was on to attach the neck , I used Titebond original . The Neck joint was flawless and indeed high Precision ! Let that set up for a couple days .Shot a few more coats of shellac and after a few days to dry I put a few light coats of Minwax wipe on poly to lock it all in . I really love the satin look you see a lot of on guitars today , it’s organic and natural but will hold up to a few spilled drinks if it must . Then it was all about putting in some sweet parts to complement the fine woods .

I used the very hip compensated wraptail bridge from and a most excellent PAF from  of course Tonepros tuners and locking studs finished it all off .

In the end the build is way above and beyond what I hoped it would be , it’s magic from the first note . I have never experienced anything like it . I’ve been so thrilled with this and words cannot not fully describe how amazing this whole thing has been and the joy and lasting thoughts & memories that have went into .Thank you again Phil and everyone at PGK for giving us these wonderful kits in which to build on and play our music. All the best




here it is plugged in..take a listen