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This knucklehead is pretty damn attractive…

Hey, Phil. The Knucklehead is done and it’s fantastic. The fit and finish of the routs, the neck, fingerboard and fret work is impeccable. 

A nod to Nik Huber guitars, I decided to go with a master volume & tone so I filled the other two holes in the cavity with mahogany dowel. A pair of Lollar P90’s, a Bumblebee cap from Luxe Radio, Tonepros wraparound (from you!) and Kluson Deluxe machine heads. Everything was pore filled, sanded… filled… sanded… the back and neck were aniline dyed brown mahogany. The top and head stock were primed and sprayed in lacquer and the entire guitar was clear coated with lacquer.
I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the work you guys do and I’m already looking forward to doing the double cut Chucklehead! I’ll be in touch soon.
Cheers, m.