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Tim’s Totally Terrific White Window Wrattle….:)

Hi Phil
Thought I’d send along a photo of my finished Jr. The kit was, as advertised, a dream to build. Everything went together smoothly; the neck/body fit was absolutely precise. A couple of things surprised me in a good way; the neck is described as a baseball shape on your site so I wondered if it would be on the large side. It turns out that it’s a very comfortable size and shape even for someone with smaller hands. The biggest surprise is how good this guitar sounds. I purchased the Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 that you sell and I really like it. I usually play jazz through the clean channel of a small Blackstar tube amp and this guitar fits the bill. When my wife is out, I crank up the amp and it sounds very snarly. When I switch to the dirty channel, the windows rattle. Seriously though, I expected to end up with a decent guitar but this is WAY beyond decent. It’s fabulous.
The photo has a paper mock up of a decal that I’m getting made up. It says Muffin City custom in honour of two Toronto bands; Martha and The Muffins and a cultish 60’s band called The City Muffin Boy’s. They were kind of like Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground but sadly ,without Andy Warhol promoting them, they remained unknown except for members of Toronto’s art community back then.
Already planning the next build; a T style, no pick guard, natural finish with a Lollar Charlie Christian neck pickup and a regular Tele bridge pu.
Thank for making such a fine product. You guys are off the charts for quality and workmanship.
All the best and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.


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