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Wolfissssshh… crazy with beauty


Took some pics yesterday, here are a few of them.  might have to send in a few emails to “meet quota”.  Use what you like.  Thanks again.

Here’s my first Precision build- actually my first ever build!  I like Jerry Garcia’s Wolf- but not a big fan of the body shape.  However I love SGs, so why not…?  I sent Phil a slab of purpleheart for the body blank and PGK did a knockout job adding the beautiful quilted maple cap and shaping the body.  They gave me a “swimming pool” pickup rout and larger control cavity.  I was really impressed with the quality of the wood and the construction.  The neck was particularly well made and a treat to play.  I took a chance on the “59 a bit less” neck cut and am really liking it (I’m used to thinner necks).  My first time gluing in a neck and it went without a hitch.

The thing sounds great both acoustic and plugged in.  It rings and sustains like a grand piano!


Lefty SG Jr, quilted maple over purpleheart, mahogany neck
Wudtone finish (amber neck, Goldenrod with a little amber body, clear on the back)
Schaller M6 tuners
Gibson 57 Classics neck and bridge, Dimarzio Super 2 in the middle (coil cut)
Custom tailpiece and pickup switchplate by Scarlet Fire Guitars
Brass pickup plate and nut by Rusch Custom Guitars
Waldo buffer and GGG Blaster (switchable)
On Board Effects Loop (signal out to effects and back to guitar before master volume- switchable)
Freeway 6-way switch
Callaham ABR-1 bridge
Cocobolo knobs by Archipelago Glass

I’ve already ordered my next kit- this one will be a plain vanilla SG Jr rocker- one P-90 and two freekin knobs!