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Big bold blonde bombshell got my attention


Finally submitted pics of the blonde ArchTop build. There was no place to add my story in the upload process, so here it is-

Took over a year to get it the finish right but the pics speak for themselves. Can’t be more pleased!

The hardware PGK provided were spot on! A little trouble with the tuning holes (large), but that was the result of the desert temps, not your fault. Weather in Arizona jumps around daily. Humidity is just as unpredictable. When the cooler temps finally arrived, I literally kept two thermometers to provide indoor and outdoor temps/humidity to complete the finish. Never took it outside if temp was more than 5 degrees cooler/warmer. Then the rains came…lol! Oh, to have had an indoor spraying room…

PGK did an excellent job of the neck work, not to overlook the precision pocket-fit. Really five stars, fellas!

To Operate under extra care, I let the glue dry for a whole week before commencing any hardware applications.

I call it my “Blonde Bombshell”. The pickups are vintage matched in windings, metals and magnets. The result is a marvelously vintage 60’s sound. I couldn’t find a repro coil tap switch (or coil split depending on your school of thought), so I built one from a a 12-string, Switchcraft toggle switch, ha. Not difficult. Just a little more time. I know a pullpot would have done the trick, but The switch is my preference for authenticity. Works beautifully! Fantastic for recording!

The Blonde Bombshell has all the right artillery to add everything from snarl and smack to bluesy and jazz tones. The perfect balance to other instruments in the mix. Especially brass accompaniment. A marriage made in guitar heaven, ha.

God Bless you and all the folks that made my kit possible. It will remain a family heirloom- the guitar that dad made.

Dan in AZ

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