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Blairin’ Out Loud Our DG VEE

this is from Brent Blair… see adept I am at word play.. lol

Hi Phil, just wanted to give you an update on the DG Vee I ordered a few months ago.

I can’t get over how great this guitar is.
The whole body resonates when played.
The neck is amazing….amazing. I don’t know who does the fret work, but if you fire them…. I will have to kill you.(you know what I mean)
Workmanship on this body and neck is so clean and precise I could not find a flaw or misfit anywhere.

It was slow going at first due to work and other commitments, but I was able to finish her last week and wanted to let you know how fantastic this build turned out.
I decided to go with nitrocellulose lacquer just to keep the vintage vibe going. I sealed the grain with 5 minute clear epoxy, which turned out well but found the 5 minute epoxy would set a little quicker than I wanted. No biggie, just a little more level sanding.
The pick guard I ordered from you was beautiful. I had decided to try a 3 ply pick guard material I had laying around as a headstock veneer. I liked how this material looked on the headstock but it did not match with the single ply pick guard. I ended up using the single ply guard as a template and cut a 3 ply guard with the rest of the material I had.

Sprayed something like 12 thin coats of nitro, wet sanding every 3 coats starting at 600 grit to 1500 grit after the first 3 coats, to 1000 to 2500 grit for the final coats. Finish is like glass and the Korina grain shimmers. I did not add any amber to the clear knowing the lacquer will amber on its own in time.

Buffed out the finish with my Porter Cable buffer using Lake Country fine cutting and polishing pads with Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound.

All hardware ordered from Stew Mac.
Pickups are SD JB-SH4 in bridge and Pearly Gates in neck.
Switchcraft pots and switches
50’s wiring
Tusk nut

It has been strung for maybe a week. I have done the initial set up……Truss rod, filed the nut, adjusted bridge, intonate. I am going to give the neck a couple weeks to settle while I play the snot out of it. The action is super low and looks like I may not have to do any fret levelling at all. This is a killer guitar. Every body who has seen this guitar always comment on the quality of the wood grain.



He Built It With This Guitar Kit:

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