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Bye Bye’s Beauty….

hey Phil, here’s the first new guitar, second one is coming soon!

This one is total custom for the color, got some dyes and stain tinctures and crap like that from my supplier. Anyway, this is the color I came up with after quite some time till I was happy with it! Kind of a cinnamon color, in a brighter light it has the color of a tiger! I went with all gold gear on it, tried to anyway! And if anyone out there can help me find some gold trim for my tone switch would be awesome! All my parts came from precision guitars, and the Seth lover pickups are amazing! The knobs came from another source. One thing for my as a woodworker and finisher for 30 years is my supplier often gets me to test new products, so one new product is a new compound for buffing the sheen after sanding with 2000 grit paper. Normally I use my buffing wheel and it takes me quite some time, with this compound I did it by hand and took maybe 20 minutes! And absolutely perfect! I was shocked, a bought a gallon of the shit! It was really cool as well because I was the first to try it!
Anyway, as far as the truss rod cover I may be able to buy 1/2 a sheet of gold aluminium of a supplier and make the cover and possibly the pick guard too, we’ll see how adventurous I get!
I got a buddy to wire the thing for me this time and he wired it ass backward, but it’s ok because it’s the same way Eddie wires his and I’m a huge fan, so I’m happy!
Can’t wait to finish the next one Phill,I love yer guitars, they are the cats ass!!!
Rob Bye