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Shut My Mouth..:)

Hey Phil,
 Just finished up that totally awesome strat you all made and stained. This thing is crazy, tone knobs for each pickup, one master volume, mini switches , top to bring in the neck pickup in 4th and 5th position. Each of the other splits the coils so the combination is vast. Pickups are seymour duncan, neck and bridge are quarter pounds, middle is reversed wound, bridge is a custom staggered.
SSL4 neck and middle, SSL5  bridge. Super Vee tremblo, This thing is incredible, solid low end and crisp high. low action, on spot intonation, With the electronics it’s almost a cross between Les and Fender. You all did a spectacular job with the black limba body,  neck and fingerboard. The stain job is unbelievable. Perfect, Perfect,   Perfect.
Thanks to you and all your craftsmen,
 Don W