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Chris’ Insanely Cool and Beautiful Double Cut

Here’s the start, when he received the kit:

“All I can say is ‘FN A’!!! It’s awesome—I picked it up today, and just put the neck up to the body… Wow! Well done, and thanks!

The body is even tuned—it rings like a damn xylophone, tuned to C! No shit – I can get C, G, E and C octaves out of it, just by doing the tap test! Unbelievable! Are the Tele kits tuned to G, for Keef Richards fans? Hahaha!

This is gonna be a seriously good guitar when I’ve finished it—it already is good, and that’s before I’ve even started. I’m not gonna stop singing its praises, and that retail thing I was telling you about—he’s eager to see how it turns out…

Believe me when I say that it’s not gonna be long before I order the Tele and 59 Customised kits from you as well!”

Then when he finished it:

“WHAT A SOUND! Cranking it through the ‘clean’ channel of a Fender Supersonic 60w on it’s 59 Bassman setting is absolutely unbelievable. Tonally, it’s probably about the sweetest-sounding guitar I have, which is quite possibly down to the woods that you use as well as the size of the neck. It might be big, but it’s not in the least bit uncomfortable!

I’m looking forward to getting many years of service out of this one, believe me!
(Feel free to print whatever you want from the above on the website, if you want to—and include the photos as well, if you want too. In fact, I’d feel privileged to have them up there for all to see!)

In the meantime, the guys in the shop absolutely loved it, and I’ve been busy singing Precision’s praises to all that I can, with every opportunity I get, so fingers crossed it produces a few results for you!

Many thanks, and I’m looking forward to ordering more from you shortly!

All the very best!  Chris”